Upcoming Jewelry Show Schedule:

February 17-19 Chantilly, VA (Dulles Expo Center)

March 10-12 Seattle, WA (Seattle Center)

​March 17-19 Collinsivlle, IL (Gateway Center)

​March 24-26 San Mateo, CA (San Mateo Expo)

April 14-16 Houston, TX (NRG Park)

April 28-30 Dallas, TX (Dallas Market Hall)

May 5-7 Chicago, IL (Stephens Convention Center)

May 12-14 Marlborough, MA (Royal Plaza Center)

​May 19-21 Chantilly, VA (Dulles Expo Center)

​June 2-4 San Mateo, CA (San Mateo Expo Center)

June 16-18 Houston, TX (NRG Park)

June 30-July 2 Marlborough, MA (Royal Plaza Center)


Repair Services
We over a number of repair services from ring sizing to cleanings.  Below are some common repairs we handle.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
  • Sizing (up or down)
  • Bracelet/necklace repair
  • Clasp replacements
  • Rhodium replating
  • Stone setting
  • Refinishing/cleaning
  • Pearl stringing 

FAQ about repairs:

Q: Why has my white gold jewelry turned yellow?

A: White gold is a term that is used when yellow gold has been plated with Rhodium.  Overtime the surface layer of Rhodium        wears down which in turn exposes the yellow gold underneath.

Q: What is Rhodium?

A: Rhodium is an element within the platinum family.  it is widely used in jewelry to turn yellow gold to white gold.

Q: Should I have knots in between my pearls?

A: Pearls should definitely be knotted, good quality pearl stringers will always knot each individual pearl.  Jewelers will knot each pearl for extra security just in case the string snaps.

Q: Why are my newly restrung pearls shorter?

A: Overtime pearls tend to stretch as they are worn.  Therefore when the pearls are restrung, the new string is tighter and gives the appearance of being shorter.