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‚ÄčUpcoming Jewelry Show Schedule:

July 12-14 San Mateo, CA (San Mateo Expo)

August 16-18 Chantilly, VA (Dulles Expo Center)

August 23-25 Chicago, IL (Stephens Convention Center)

September 6-8 San Mateo, CA (San Mateo Expo)

September 13-15 Collinsville, IL (Gateway Center)

October 11-13 Dallas, TX (Dallas Market Hall)

October 18-20 Houston, TX (NRG Center)

November 1-3 Marlborough, MA (Royal Plaza Center)

November 29-Dec 1 San Mateo, CA (San Mateo Expo)

December 13-15 Chicago, IL (Stephens Convention)

December 20-22 Chantilly, VA (Dulles Expo Center)